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  • You gotta warm the bench before you get called into the Big Leagues. Element's newest benchwarmers take it to Big Green. 

  • Rodney Mullen has influenced every skater to ever step on a board. But did you know he's influenced major bigwigs in Silicon Valley? Brendan I. Koerner wrote a fascinating story for WIRED on how Rodney is changing the face of tech, one TED talk at a time.

  • Chris Colbourn goes back to his hometown in Vermont and proves that even after all these years, all you need to have fun is a plank with four wheels. Stay tuned for a full street part from Chris this Saturday. 

  • "Don't do it mom!" Yup, you saw this one coming. Every skateboarder knows the pains of the first drop in.

  • “Discovered by the Germans in 1904, they named it San Diego... Which of course in German means ‘a whale’s vagina.’” —Ron Burgundy

  • Daewon has been filming video parts for 25 years – that’s longer than almost all the other Populist nominees have been alive. Think about that for a second. While he absolutely killed it in 2014, Daewon has been a legend since he first stepped on a board. This right here is the first decade of Daewon caught on film. All the schoolyards and curbs from Lovechild, New World Order, 20 Shot Sequence, and Trilogy; all the picnic tables from Rodney vs. Daewon; and all the extra tech madness from Round 2 and the Deca video. 

  • Since the age of 10, Lewis Marnell lived his life with diabetes – the kind where you need to check your blood for its glucose levels and give yourself a shot of insulin once or twice a day. His passion was infectious, and he never let his condition slow him down or stop him from living his life and pursuing his dream as a pro skateboarder. Two years ago, Lewis died suddenly from complications of the disease – a tragic passing for his friends, family, the skateboard community, and the world at large. Almost, Nike, and The Berrics came together to celebrate the life of Lewis Marnell with a commemorative board and a tribute video. We love you, Lewis. Legends never die.

  • Lewis Marnell had a profound impact on everyone he met. We lost him way too soon to type 1 diabetes two years ago, but his spirit will live on forever. To raise money for diabetes research, we threw a big fundraiser event/silent auction/skate jam with all of Lewis' friends and family, Nike, and Almost. #LewisMarnellForever

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