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  • Eric Koston and Girl Skateboards art director Andy Jenkins—with the support of Oakley—came together for a special collaborative project to celebrate two decades of working together on iconic board graphics. They designed a brand new graphic, painted a gigantic mural in The Berrics, and the Girl team came by for a heavy session. And now you can celebrate with them by getting the super limited edition screenprinted, hand-signed run of boards in the Canteen


  • So much good skating gets posted everyday on Insta. Some clips are so insanely good that a few years ago, they could've been legitimate video part enders. But the nature of Instagram is to be of the moment—to be instant. As a result, these clips get forever lost in the black hole of Insta's infinite scroll. "Liked" once and forgotten. Double Tapped is our way of slowing down the ever-growing feed to reflect. These are the clips that stood the test of time over the past 7 days and deserve a rewatch. Tag @berrics and hashtag #BerricsDoubleTapped on your Instavids for a chance to get in next week's Double Tapped.

  • Watch Dennis Busenitz, Frank Gerwer, and Dan Plunkett hit the streets of San Francisco for the Spitfire wheels Arson Dept. Spring '15 release. 

  • For all you sneaker heads out there, we bring you another episode of "Footnotes". It’s no secret Koston loves shoes. He’s collected hundreds upon hundreds over the years. But the Nike Air Max 95 is one of his all-time favorites. In fact, it's actually the main shoe that sparked his insane sneaker collecting (hoarding) habits. To celebrate Air Max Day, Eric goes deep on his love for the Air Max, telling us about his collection and how they’ve been responsible for shaping some of his classic silhouettes over the years. 

  • Everyone has a story. Everyone comes from somewhere. In his first episode of PUSH we head back to Croswell, Michigan with @codycepeda to finally find out who, what, where, and why he's always tagging #TCMT on his Instagram. Never forget where you're from and always know where you're going.

  • Eric Koston and Girl Skateboards art director Andy Jenkins have left an ever-lasting impact on skateboarding and art. To celebrate 20 years of working together on iconic graphics, Koston and Jenkins—with the support of Oakley—came together for a very special collaborative project... And now their latest, and by far largest creation, lives inside our four walls.

  • There's a mindset today, especially in America, whereupon doing things the easy way is doing things the best way. Everyone who's left skin on the concrete or blood on the stairs, or limped to the car after trying a trick for two hours, knows this to be untrue. There is no easy way when trying to accomplish the impossible, but there is always, always, always a process to getting what it is you want so badly. After multiple trips back, Nick Tucker battled the West LA Courthouse for one hell of an ender for his Primitive Golden Hour part. This is the story of that battle. - sb

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